Dietitians and specializations

Berdien van Wezel
Specialised in eating disorders, obesity, low carbohydrate diet, cancer, Copd, lip- and lymfeoedemia, weight loss.

Elenna de Roode
Specialiserd in intestineproblems and diseases, allergies, obesity, mind fullness, sports, weight loss and children.

Lotty Koerse
Specialised in intestineproblems, weightloss in the elderly, low carbohydrate diet, diabetes.

Tanisha Pahladsingh
Dietitian-assistent and weight consultant. Certified PowerSlim consultant.

Interns Diëtetiek, Haagse Hoge School:

  • Lisa Mertens Reseach cateen policy in the Deutsche international School, the Haque.
  • Sabine de Heer Wishes and needs Health Store Van Hoytemastraat, the Haque.


The dietician is included in the basic insurance of your health insurer. If you are insured abroad, you will receive an invoice from us, which you submit to your health insurer. Some international companies reimburse your consultation with the dietician directly.


We regularly provide workshops on various topics. For Example carb-reduced diet bij obesity, special slimming method PowerSlim, mindfull eating and reset-juice cure.


Would you like us to contact you instead? In the case that you cannot find the necessary information on our website, please ask us to contact you by clicking on the link below. Leave us with your contact information and we will reach out to you to answer all of your questions.

Mindfull Eating


Do you often eat something without actually tasting what you are eating? Do you often empty a bag of potato chips without actually noticing? A lot of people start eating when they feel uneasy, dejected, insecure, annoyed or happy. This workshop offers tips and solutions to end the love/hate relationship with food.
You discover personal pitfalls and learn how you can establish a balanced relationship with nutrition.

Participation workshop Mindfull eating : 29,95 euro per person

All activities are organised in the Vitae Victus office The Hague, Van Hoytemastraat 26. Sign up now by sending an email to with your name and what workshop you would like to participate in at what moment.


We have recently opened a Vitae Victus office in Delft. Here we are able to offer specialised treatments to children, teenagers, adults and elderly. Our dietitians are well educated and specialised. They are able to help adults with diabetes, COPD and a high level of blood pressure. They are also able to help elderly with underweight, help children with a poor appetite or help teenagers with eating disorders. Would you like to know more about our specialisations in this office? Click Vitae Victus office Delft

Vitae Victus office Delft

Plein Delftzicht 56

2627 CA Delft

Ayesha: Stick with it! This diet is suberb.
I lost 7 kg in 4 weeks.

Fia: Incredibly inspiring. Good guidance.
I will stay with you for a long time.

Jojet: Super to do it together.
Low carbohydrate like and is easy to do in a family.

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